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Experiencing and Envisioning Food: Designing for Change


Submit an abstract until January 21 2022, with the following guidelines:

1. Abstract: 500-word maximum (the abstract should briefly state the research's purpose, methods, principal results and conclusions). 
2. Structure: Introduction; Methodology; Results; Discussion and Conclusions.
3. Keywords: 5 maximum

The scientific committee will analyze the abstracts and papers, following a blind review process, selecting those that demonstrate relevance, originality and adequacy to the proposed themes. It will exclude proposals that do not meet these criteria. 

You can also submit the following research topics related to the main themes of the conference: a) Products, services and experiences; b) Edible materials for food waste; c) Food waste; d) Solutions for food industry, producers, supply chain, retailers; e) Technological solutions for food; f) New habits and diets for food consumption; g) Local and seasonal food production; h) Food Narratives and Storytelling; i) Food Experiences and Multisensory Experiences with Food; j) The Food and the Cities: foodscapes; landscapes; cityscapes; k) Food Events; l) New practices at the table, food heritage and local foods; m) New models of education in food and design; n) New pedagogical practices with food and design.

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Topic Areas
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